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TCAnet: School House - Visual Arts

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To: Sandra Barrick, astroboy

Hi there Sandra!!

Maybe I can help with your request on the Incredible Art Department...

This website has tons of sites.

Just scroll down(its in alphabetical order) Hope you can get to it.

A good help deserves another...I owed you!

Take care.

Rachel (SkoolMa)
In Texas where we are tired of the hot summer!!! Caliente!!

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TCAnet: School House - Visual Arts

Link to school house

School House

Visual Arts

Use the links listed below to go to other sections of the TCAnet Village. To find out what is in each building, go to
Navigating the Village

Art School
Artists' Studios
Community Center
Exhibition Hall
Folk Arts

Health & ADA
Pavilion of

Post Office
Public Art
School House
State of the Arts
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Swap Meet
Visitor's Center


Texas Links:

Contemporary Arts Museum Resource kits - Houston
Resource kits are written to accompany the major exhibitions shown in the Upper Gallery at CAM during the school year. Resource kits focus on the themes and issues raised in the exhibition and include a package of 15-20 slides, orientation to the exhibition, art historical information, and suggested lesson plans for discussion and studio activities. They can be used as a pre-visit lesson, or throughout the year as an enhancement to curriculum in art or other disciplines.

The North Texas Institute for Educators on the Visual Arts (NTIEVA)
Is one of six regional consortia initially established by the Getty Center for Education in the Arts. NTIEVA's mission is to conduct research and staff development in the implementation of discipline-based art education (DBAE). Offers a collection of art curriculum.

National Links:

African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning
African artifacts have generally been exhibited with reference only to cultural context and use. In view of recent studies of African aesthetic principles and related moral and religious values, there is good reason to emphasize the formal aesthetic aspects of the objects and the moral and religious ideas they express.

The Alphabet of Art
Where you can learn about elements of art.

Art 211
A large collection of art studio lessons.

Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction
Two good documents: "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" by Walter Benjamin, "Art & Authenticity in the Age of Digital Reproduction" by Julian H. Scaff

ARTnet Nebraska Lessons Plan Index
A collection of illustrated lesson plans.

Art Page
Offers a few art criticism lessons

Art Studio Chalkboard
These pages are a resource for artists and art students that focus on the technical fundamentals of perspective, shading, color and painting.

Aunt Annie's Craft Page
The emphasis of this page is on learning, creativity, and problem-solving while doing craft projects. Each project includes a variety of designs to choose from, patterns to print, and easy to follow instructions. Every project provides hours of enjoyment for both children and adults.

Beginnings of Photographic Composition
One of the main reasons why some pictures are more outstanding than others is because of their strong composition. That's what this program is all about - consider how composition can improve your photographs.

Berit's Best Sites For Children: Art Galleries
Links to art gallery sites that are safe and appropriate for young children. Each site has been carefully selected, reviewed and given a rating out of 5.

Berit's Best Sites For Children: Crafts and Colouring
Links to artistic sites that are safe and appropriate for young children. Each site has been carefully selected, reviewed and given a rating out of 5.

Boston Visual School
A non-profit organization dedicated to providing intensive, often residential, studio and other visual arts courses in multi-cultural communities. They offer courses in painting, drawing, photography, art history and sculpture.

Carlos' Coloring Book
Allows kids to color pictures online and save them.

The Center for Understanding the Built Environment (CUBE)
Empowering kids to take responsible action in their communities. CUBE carries out this goal by bringing together educators with community partners to effect change which will lead to a quality built and natural environment, one and interdependent.

Crayola * Art Education
Crayola has put together a great site for art education. Lots of fun activities here.

The Dark Room
The Art of the Cyanotype, How to Care for Your Photographs, Plus links to technical sites.

The Digital Learning Center
A digital imaging education site by Kodak.

Documents International: Identity - Seattle Art Museum
The exhibition, opening at the Seattle Art Museum on April 1998, has been designed and curated by Seattle middle school students. The students selected the art from museum storage, wrote the text panels, and helped install the exhibit. This unique exhibition explores the theme of identity in many cultures across the globe.

Create your own dot painting on the Internet.

Early Childhood Arts and Crafts
Looking for fresh ideas? The beginning of every month will bring new projects from popular arts and crafts books.

Electronic Distance Learning
A distance learning course taught entirely over the net for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Elements of Art through Photography by Kodak
A class of 28 fifth graders used photography during an art project designed to increase their awareness of five elements of art: line, shape, color, pattern, and composition. Students photographed examples of these elements at school and in their community, and then used the photos as the basis for original art.

Emmett Scott's Cartoon Corner
What does a cartoonist do? How does he draw his cartoons? Well, here is a great place to find out. Welcome to the Art Studio, where a variety of activities can help keep you busy for hours. Learn to draw here, or simply have fun with your imagination.

Eyes on Art
This activity starts by introducing beginning students of art, art history, humanities, and critical thinking (K-14) to the developed skill of "learning to look" artistically. Subsequent activities build upon this skill until learners can insightfully analyze and critique any painting they choose.

Exploratories Unified Arts Art 7 Drawing and Painting
A collection of visual art lessons at the Benjamin Franklin Middle School

This site lets a web surfer experiment with facial animation by controlling a number of parameters that affect the expressions of either a dragon, a dog, a Haida mask, or a human face.

Free Art Lesson on line in Classical Realism technique
By Russian-born artist A. Antonov. Learn how to paint an apple!

Garfield the Cat Coloring Book
Color me hungry! Here's your chance to be a bonafide artiste! Check out these pics of the world-famous fat cat, print out your favorites, add color and voila -- instant masterpiece!

Global Show-n-Tell
A virtual exhibition that lets children show off their favorite projects, possessions, accomplishments and collections to kids (and adults) around the world.

Graphics Den
Will teach you how to use a computer graphics program to create unique digital art. Each lesson takes you from start to finish of a digital project. You can follow our step-by-step instructions to complete a similar project. Or, you can apply what you learn here to your own computer illustrations.

Hands On Children's Museum
The fun place to be for kids 10 years old and under.

History of Photography
From its beginnings till the 1920s

How to Look at Sculpture
Developed by Save Outdoor Sculpture, this activity for middle-school age students raises awareness of public sculpture while providing education on how to research the history pf sculpture.

The Incredible Art Department
A major resourse for students, teachers, and parents of the visual arts.

The Impressionist
A Java paint program that lets you create a painted representation of a photograph. It does this by sampling colors from the source image and then drawing brush strokes onto the canvas.

Introduction to Imaging
Issues in Constructing an Image Database

A fun and educational playground for kids 4 to 15.

KODAK: The Language of Light
As photographers, we use the language of light to record and interpret the world around us. How well we understand and use light affects the clarity and expressive power of our pictures.

Learn About Art History Online
An article about art history resources on the Internet. Includes links to some good examples.

The Native American Adventure
Enter the live 3D virtual museum. Well worth the visit.

Printmaking: NASCO's Free Art Lesson Plan
The lesson plan includes a history of printmaking, description of the materials and tools, and instructions for making block-cut prints.

Send a Monarch to Mexico!
This fall, the first annual "symbolic monarch butterfly migration" will be launched in collaboration with Mexico City's Museo del Nino (Children's Museum) and museums across North America. You're invited to join the celebration as students across the United States and Canada create thousands of paper butterflies that will "migrate" to Mexico for the winter.

The Serpent's Eye
The Serpent's Eye is a gallery of art and nature on the web. The artists featured use nature as both medium and theme.

Susan E. West's Home Page
Offers a collection of resources for those interested in the Visual Arts or are involved in Art Education.

Teachers Helping Teachers
A collection of art lessons for grades K-12.

Three-D Graphics
Learn how to do the Magic Eye feature that appears in the Sunday comics

Visual Information in Art
Tutorial to demonstrate how visual information is used in art. By John H. Krantz, Hanover College.

Warner Bros. Animation Page
Learn how they make cartoons.

An online version of the famous Etch-a-Sketch.

The Web of Life: The Art of John Biggers
The Web of Life is an ArtsEdNet Talk online exhibition and discussion that focuses on using discipline-based art education (DBAE) in the classroom. This program concentrates on the life and work of the African American artist and art educator John Biggers. It features information about Biggers, teaching materials, activities for students, a conversation with the artist, examples of his work, a list of resources, and an opportunity to talk to the artist and project coordinator via e-mail.

Wyland Kid's Web
Kids News, Planet Ocean, Games, Wyland's Fun Art, and Coloring Book. A Kids Interactive web devoted to the Art of Wyland and the environment.

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