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Re: Competitions: Scholastics

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taylorh (taylorh)
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 07:33:04 -0700 (MST)

Haven't run into this competition myself, but...

Why not let those students who really WANT to go for the competition do
it? I agree with you that the way things are locally it's a pretty dismal
"competition" but it is a validated aspect of the artworlds. There are
'professional' competitions just as dismal and empty--from my perspective.
Of course for the organizers and many of the participants there is a
different, and much more positive, take on it all. I wouldn't fight it.

I would present the competition as an option along with my feelings and
analysis. Then I'd throw my support behind anyone who whished to
participate. like it or not. Give them the options along the way and let
them make the decisions as whether or not to work from photographs etc.
whether to use gridding or grey-tone underpainting whathaveyou.

The students WILL be working alongside you in class and so will get most
of your instruction if not some of the specific exercises and projects. In
case all your students will get more than those who are enrolled in
which teach to the competition. Not-participants will get to watch
and learn from that experience as well.

just a thought-

On Mon, 24 Aug 1998 KHeifetz wrote:

> Would like to know how some of you deal with the Scholastics Art Competition.
> In my school district, there is a great deal of pressure to produce for this
> event. I find that when the local competition is exhibited, there are a great
> wealth of recognizable copies that are from photos, yet have been altered. I
> realize that the rules in this competition say that other works can provide
> inspiration but it is so disheartening to see this. The judges continually
> look for the super realism and generally are the same judges....many are from
> a prestigous private university. I so much want my students to continue
> entering but the pressure to conform and the lack of originality make my
> students question me why they can't copy? Many of the art teachers throughout
> this region just teach for this competition...they will work on only several
> drawings or paintings for an entire
> semester. Help!!!!!!
> ann

(hg taylor)
Distinguish difference..............(information)
Establish criterion for evaluation....(aesthetic)
Converge upon a general rule............(science)
Diverge into a personal elaboration.........(art)
Consider known alternatives.............(history)
Compare elaboration with criterion....(criticism)

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