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Re: awards/rewards

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Sun, 23 Aug 1998 10:12:41 EDT

I use a seperate system for students individually and one for incentive for
the whole class. Just thought that I would share the one that I use for the
class. I have used it for a couple of years and it continues to work pretty

Some years, I have used velcro, some years just pinning the letters to a
bulletin board, and sometimes I just simply write the three letters A-R-T on
the board. If the class gets unorderly, or too carried away with something, I
remove the A. And I tell them that I am taking their A. If it happens again,
I remove the R. so on.

Students know that if I remove the T- they go to Silent Art, and they lose
their chance at a reward for the entire 9 weeks. It almost NEVER comes to
that. The students are great at monitoring each other, and policing each
other simply after the removal of the A.

Now, once their T is gone they lose that chance for the 9 weeks, although with
some classes I have allowed them to "earn" it back, but I try not to be too
bending, or it will defeat the purpose.

If they lose the A, or A and R, they know that at the beginning of the next
class they will get those letters back. It works like 3 strikes, for any
class period.
Now if they maintain, at least their T, for the entire 9 weeks, they recieve a
Some years it has been an outside drawing experience, a special requested
project, a free drawing day, or sometimes, just a free day with a video, and
maybe even some snacks.
I teach Junior High, and they respond very well to it, I cant imagine it not
being good for elementary as well, and its LOW record keeping, and easy for
them to handle.
If I have missed something, or wasnt as clear as I could have been, please
It really has been a good and effective system for me-