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Re: styrofoam heads again.....

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John Tiemann (s1014906)
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 11:06:46 -0500

>When we do plaster masks , we never use vasoline on the kids faces. We put
>damp paper towels after we take a piece of newsprint and cut a hole just big
>enough for the face and then put the wet paper towels on the face. You will
>not have a big mess to clean off the face and the plaster conforms to the face
>just as well.

Bunki, DHJones and all..

I have gotten 3-8th graders "plastered" before and they loved it! (no not
that kind of plastered... heh, heh). I never have had a problem with it. I
don't even think about using vaseline either, because it's such a mess. I
simply cover the tables with large sheets of newsprint. I have about 4
students at each table. One lies on the table to get plastered, another
stands at the head of the table to hold towels over the persons hair who is
getting plastered (this person holding the towels is the person with DRY
hands during the process incase any other materials are needed), and the
other two people plaster away!!
I simply cover the students face with tissue paper/toilet paper, the same
stuff out of the bathroom... except not used, of course. You don't even have
to use a thick layer of it.... IT WILL NOT STICK.... as long as every part
of the skin is covered. It really cuts down on students having to go to the
restroom and washing that greasy mess out of their hair and off their face!
As long as you check to make sure that the students face is completely
covered by the tissue paper, and the students plastering don't put the
pariscraft on bare skin you are ok. You don't have to mess with wet paper
towels either. The masks just pop off the students face after 10-15 mins.(if
that long). Then before you decorate them the iner-lining of tissue can be
peeled off. You do have to put about two layers of Pariscraft on so the mask
is stiff enough to work with while decorating or it will "crack". Hope this
helps any one out there. It's a Great Load of Fun! Take pictures while
you're at it. The students love that!

John Tiemann