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styrofoam heads again.....

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Bunki Kramer (
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 09:25:21 -0700

Thanks to ALL who gave suggestions for my many-headed project. I had
several ideas come my way....and probably 95% of them having to do with
hats. Good ideas, really, but I wanted to do this project using the "head"
as the main objective. I guess I'm back to my initial idea....covering them
with paper mache, cover again with plaster gauze, cutting them up the sides
and over the top, removing the styrofoam, re-attaching the front and back
sides with plaster gauze, filling the inside with sand for weight,
exaggerating the features with celluclay and carboard (each changing the
original shape), gesso and paint/embellish.

Now my plea....does anyone have suggestions about what to put around the
styrofoam head before we paper mache so they will come off easily later and
we can "save" the styo. heads for another time? I was thinking syran wrap
instead of vasoline. (The idea of storing 36 slimy, vasolined heads is

Has anyone tried syran wrap before? Will the wrap work and still detect the
facial features? (I think I remember someone on the list using syran on the
kids' faces as they did plaster guaze masks.) Doing a layer of wet paper
towels first would probably still stick to the foam, I'm thinkin', so
that's out. I can't think of another way to do this. I'm hoping someone out
there has done something like this before.

Please help if you can think of ANYTHING. Also...this idea's not set in
stone so if you come up with something else exciting, let me know. I'm all
ears, er...heads...ahh...whatever.

Eagerly waiting to hear from some of you......

Bunki Kramer - Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd., Danville, California 94526

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