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Re: Need suggestions

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Thu, 20 Aug 1998 07:12:41 -0700 (PDT)

Hi -- this is my first time responding; hope I do it right!
I'd like to add to the suggestions on cleaning up -- I have 4 different pictures hanging from the ceiling over each of the 4 seats at a table. One of them will correspond to that week's Supply Person sign at the front of the room. (Each table has the same pictures). I used to use simple silhouettes of art tools as the pictures, then decided Why not reinforce art history, so now the four pictures are VanGogh's Starry Night, DaVinci's Mona, Monet's Houses of Parliament, and a scultpure of Picasso's. I used the scanner and fancy computer to reproduce six of each so they could hang over each of the 6 tables. Each kid gets a chance to be supply person if they always sit in the same seat. I use this for primary kids.
I also teach upper elem. kids, who usually have earned the right to sit wherever they wish on different days, so for them I stimulate a little extra discussion (just what we need, right??) and tell them a different factor every week. For example, it might be the person with the longest hair at their table, biggest shoes, longest pencil point, -- I try to avoid characteristics that may prove embarassing, though. I don't tell these older guys who the supply person is until I'm done explaining what the lesson is and what they'll need to get, so it keeps all their attention until I'm ready for them to start.
Guess I'd better go get ready for school to start now!
Liz Menichino
Wellsville, NY