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Re: Need suggestions

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Ckart (ckupcin)
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 19:53:19 -0500

Sal wrote:

>Also, I need a good way to hand out cleaning jobs at the end of class.....any
>neat tricks will be appreciated.

In my classroom:
On a weekly rotating basis, one table is designated "artroom helpers." (I
have laminated paper palettes hanging overhead with their table numbers.
I hang the crayon shaped 'helper' sign with a paper clip below it).

These helpers pass out supplies at the beginning and collect supplies at
the end of class. Each student is responsible for cleaning up his/her own
work space -- stacking artwork (dry) for collection, positioning supplies,
so that the helpers can collect them, etc. One of the helpers will pass
out sponges and paper towels (one to a table), and students take turns
cleaning up their own paint spills; the helper will then collect the
sponges and towels.

I select one student who is in charge of the dry rack -- indiviudal
students carry their work to the rack but only the person in charge lowers
the hinged shelves in place. This student also calls out table numbers, so
that there not a huge traffice jam in front of the dry rack.

This works pretty well for me because: although everyone is responsible
for clean-up, only the 4 designated helpers are actually "in motion",
except for taking work to the dry rack or going to the sink to wash hands
(supplies have to be returned and tables cleaned before hand washing).
Because the sign is rotated, each table group eventually gets the
'priviledge' of helping. I make a point of thanking the entire class for
helping to clean up so well -- which they usually do.

Hope this helps. Have a great year everyone!