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Lesson Plans

Desperatly seeking more replies!!

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katie allen (tokatieallen)
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 21:17:12 PDT

I would appreciate it if you would fill in this quick survey by
September 15th 1998. All responses will be anonymous. A topical issue,
controversial and highly fascinating. Thank you so much for your time
and consideration of these issues. Regards, Katie Allen

I am a Teacher/Parent of _________(age/grade/subject) child/children.

1) How much time during a school week would you estimate a 5-8 year old
student spends colouring-in?
*less than 1hr *1-4hrs *5-10hrs *more

2)In which key Learning areas are students most likely to colour-in?
Visual art, Drama, Dance, Music, English,
Personal development/health/physical education,
H.S.I.E (Social Studies), Science and Technology.

3)For what reasons do people use colouring-in in each Key Learning Area?
Visual art:
Science and Technology:
Personal development/Health/Physical education:
H.S.I.E - Social studies:

4)Comment on these statements:

"When you have finished the work, colour-in the pictures."

"If you have nothing to do, come and get this colouring-in sheet."

"Wow, what terrific colouring, neat and in the lines. That looks great!"

"Colour two apples red, colour five bananas yellow."

5)In what ways may colouring-in effect drawing ability?

6)What learning, occurs as a result of engaging in colouring-in?

7)Comment on the use of colouring-in in the early years of schooling.

8) What is your opinion of parents providing colouring-in to their
children at home?

9)Other points you wish to make about colouring-in:

I wish to thank you very sincerely for your interest and participation
in this study. Regards, Katie Allen

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