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Medieval Art (long post)

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Jerry & Anne Carman-Hendel (hendel)
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 15:39:12

Ken,Neal,Linda,Amy,Lily,Ann,Fran,John,Marsha,Maggie,Teri, Karen and all,
Thank you for all of your responses. I've copied them for all of you
following my note.
I checked out the books that Amy at Crizmac recommended (below) and they
have great illustrations and info. I also found the following books:
Medieval Knights (See Through History Series)
by David Nicolle
1997 ISBN 0-670-87463-9

The Treasury of Decorative Art: Heraldic Designs
By Arthur C. Fox-Davies
1997 ISBN 1-55921-163-6

While getting my feet wet in this area, I'm planning on having 5th
graders design their own coat of arms based on traditional heraldry design,
color, etc. plus personal symbols.I'm not sure what materials we will use.
I'd like to get my hands on some big sheets of cardboard and use a variety
of media--give it some real texture.
I'd like to try cathedral windows with the 4th graders a la Neal. I was
in Washington D.C. recently visiting the National Cathedral and the windows
there are breathtaking. There are some many modern buildings that are based
on gothic themes.
I've also thought about ceramic gargoyles, but don't know if that will
happen this year. I've needed to brush up on what I know about this era.
Hope this info is helpful to you. I would enjoy hearing additonal
thoughts and ideas you come up with.
I've been back in my classrooms (two schools) after a vacation and I
think I'm experiencing culture shock! :-)
Again, many thanks.

Anne C-H in the Illinois cornfields


A project that is great for the gothic time period is a crayon resist with the
idea of a stained glass window, like the ones in the cathedrals. I have
complete lesson plans on this and if you want them just e-mail me and I'll
type it out or scan it and send it to you.

Ken Schwab
San Jose, CA

2)I would love to hear about some of your ideas. Please don't feel
overwhelmed with the request. I'd just like to hear some of the ideas
you have come up with.


Neal rosenblum
Boulder CO
1st grade

3)Hi, Look at McAuley's CASTLE. Shields and Helmets (armor) are loved. How
about tapestry weaving. Mythical beasts like dragons, unicorns, griffins
for drawing.

Linda White in Norman, OK

4)In regard to your post about Medieval Art resources, there is a great little
book called "Cathedrals and Castles: Building in the Middle Ages" that you
might like. It is a small book but very dense with illustrations and
information. It is part of a series of books, and is $12.95. There is also
another great book for students called "Medieval Life" from the Eyewitness
series. Great color photos and information and only $19.00 in hardback. Hope
these ideas help!

Amy Metcalfe
CRIZMAC Art & Cultural Education Materials, Inc.

Art Education Resources, Folk Art, Books, Music, Videos, and More!
For a free catalog call (800) 913-8555 or write to:

5)If you can find a supply of warming trays (garage sales), cover the trays
with foil, lay light weight drawing paper in place and color. A potholder
or folded cloth can be used to hold the paper down if needed. the crayon
melts into the paper, giving a richer coloring than ironing or oiling seems
to do.
This process works on fabric too, for richly colored quilt designs....(wash
gently with minimal "stain remover" <G>)


6)Anne- I just got a small book called

Design Your Own Coat of Arms: An Introduction to Heraldry
by Rosemary A. Chorzempa
ISBN )-486-24993-X
$3.50 USA

Barnes and Noble or Borders had it and it is worth the small amount of money.
It is very concise about all the symbols on coats of arms and shields of the
Middle Ages.
Would make a great 5th grade unit!


7)I developed a unit on heraldry (coats of arms) for my HS art history
class, though I'm sure you could adapt it for younger kids. The research
was fascinating--there were many rules concerning the design and use of
coats of arms. My students--all Indians--enjoy designing their own by
adapting traditional motifs and colors; the unit is easily used even by
kids of non-European descent. I'd be glad to <gulp> e-mail you the
outline for the unit--I think I've got this attachment stuff figured out.


Has anyone mentioned tapestry? My 6th graders loved it a couple of years ago.

Also, we went with washable marker right on the window panes in our room to
create a lovely stained glass effect (although pastel!). Used black lino
crayons for the lines.

Heraldry and symbolism tied into contemporary logos and trademarks --
identified ones that were taken from chivalry and created new ones. Made
shields for cooperative groups using individual's symbols.

Playing card designs.

Studied fresco and painted with tempra on wet plaster panels which we made
in meat trays. Can't remember what we put in or on to slow the drying
process, but it was successful.

Please share your ideas. I'd love to augment this unit when I do it again.

Karen Hurt

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