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Re: ArtsEdNet/Charter School

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Fri, 14 Aug 1998 12:36:26 EDT

>>>>Hi Maria,
What is a charter school? A private school? Then that's me.
Blazing Inferno--do you mean you're from TX?
Don :-)

Hi Don-
A charter school is a public school sort of privately owned. Anyone can
submit a paper to the charter board of the state, and if approved, they will
fund you to start a school. Unfortunately, these are not always run by the
"right" or qualified persons. They give you funds according to your student
population, so they are desperate for any enrollment--imagine the type of
students they get! They are permitted to "bend" the rules-not all teachers are
certified. And a few schools are not accredited. They cut corners budget
wise, so some have been found corrupt.
On the turn side, they are doing some innovative programs, such as
subject/theme integration, team teaching and different scheduling times. And
the teachers such as myself, got to experiment with curriculum. I taught
mostly art, but then put two weeks of music, and plannned to do a week or two
in dance. I was also able to teach Italian--only available in two states back
east. In addition a class in "global gov't" --I translated into
anthropology--my real love. we studied an arabic tribe.
So-there's a freedom.

The blazing inferno is Arizona. Texas is feeling it now, but we feel it every
year for five months!!-yucky!--But happy now because I'm "home"-in
Pennsylvania--heaven on earth!
Take a spiritual breather to feel your true artistic inspiration!-Maria