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re:my numbering system

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Lauretta A. Hendricks-Backus (
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 10:49:07 -0500

I do basically the same thing as Debby, However I have each table labled
with a famouse artist name and small 6x6" example of their work. Each
table is known by the artist name ie.Degas or Kaylo, Picasso or Herring. I
also have matching tubs with regularly used supplies labled with the
matching lables and a clean up chart which I have a "clean up table of the
week " labled with changing cards that are also labled with the artist. So
this week Leonardo Da vinci has clean up. It is just another way of
sneaking a little Art History in. I try and have a diverse selection of
Artist Men,Women, and minorities as selected artist.


At 09:14 AM 8/14/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I have received so many e-mails about my numbering system, I thought I'd
>better just post it!
>I have 7 work tables. I labled them 1-7. I even hung the number over the
>table so the kids could find them easily. Even after a year, the kids get
>confused looking for a table. Then, as they file into the classroom, I call
>out 1-7. If I see a trouble combination heading for a table, I jumble the
>numbers around. I might simply reverse 7 and 6, or start calling
>1-3-5-7-2-4-6. After a few classes, they realize they can't get into line
>any certain way, because I never call the numbers the same way. Yet, it
>appears very random to them, they don't feel picked on. In the beginning,
>when they would complain, I would say " maybe next time you'll get to sit
>with so and so." I said to the classes at the start that they would get the
>opportunity to sit with kids they never might have sat with and get to know
>them. If they are not particularly happy, remember it's only for one week
>and I expect them to be civil always. It's worked so well! I always give
>the numbers rapidly, watching them find their tables so they can't cheat,
>and start the projects right away.
>Good luck! It's worked for me!