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Art and Science Professional Development Opportunity

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Toni Guglielmo (TGuglielmo)
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 10:17:31 -0800

August 13, 1998

Dear Colleague,

The Getty Education Institute for the Arts and the California Science
Center are pleased to announce an exciting new program, currently in
its planning stages: The Art and Science Professional Development
Institute. The purpose of the Institute is to provide teachers with
an opportunity to reach across the traditional boundaries of subject
matters and explore meaningful connections between art and science
that will ultimately enhance teaching and learning in the classroom.
We would like to share some information with you about this innovative
program and solicit your recommendations for various participants.


The connections between art and science are extensive. Art and
science both foster observation, experimentation, discovery and
imagination. Study and work in both domains demands a balance between
predictability and randomness, known and unknown, product and process.
In both, the underlying thought processes which lead to new
discoveries and new ideas rely on the same skills: critical and
analytical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, spatial reasoning,
visual and verbal communication, and an ability to draw connections
and make rational as well as aesthetic judgments. The essential
skills which art and science foster will support our students far into
the 21st century.

Linking art and science in a program of study can help prepare our
students for life in next century. Successful professionals of the
next generation will be those who can understand the complexities of a
specific domain, as well as see the bigger picture, make connections,
and generate new *meaning* and ideas. As you are probably aware,
current reforms in science education require students to understand
fundamental processes and concepts, not just facts and figures. Arts
education has also evolved, moving beyond simple arts and crafts
activities, to a focus on gaining meaning from works of art. In
education, we are witnessing a shift toward interdisciplinary studies
for this very reason.


Teams of middle school teachers (art and science) will be invited to
attend a four-day Institute in Summer 1999 to be held at the Getty
Center and the California Science Center in Los Angeles. At the
Institute, teachers will participate in hands-on exercises, workshops,
museum visits and lectures addressing themes and topics that connect
art and science. Explorations will continue throughout the school
year (September 1999-April 2000) during which time the teams will
develop and conduct original research and classroom projects on a
topic introduced at the Institute. Throughout the year, the teams
will be required to attend several scheduled group meetings, as well
as meet with their team advisor. At a culminating conference in May
2000, the teams will share their projects before an audience of
teachers, school board members, superintendents, museum professionals
and other educators.


At this stage in our planning, we are seeking participants as follows.

Teams of Teachers:

Approximately twenty-four middle school teachers will be selected for
the Institute from public middle schools throughout Los Angeles
County. Teams will be comprised of two to four art and science
teachers from the same school. Teachers are expected to have some
previous experience in working with or developing integrated and
innovative curriculum projects. Teachers will be asked to provide a
rationale for team composition. They should be willing to make a
commitment to applying what they have learned to the classroom.

Teacher will need to demonstrate the support of their schools and
principals. Principals at selected schools will need to provide (1)
release-time for teachers attending the sessions; (2) art-science
resources at the school; and (3) common planning time for the
development of multidisciplinary and partnership programs.

We welcome your suggestions of specific teachers and/or schools we
might approach.


Approximately four individuals will be selected to serve as *advisors*
to teams throughout the year. Advisors should be professionals in the
fields of art, science or education with previous experience in
developing interdisciplinary programs. Advisors are expected to
assist the teachers with conceptual and practical issues as related to
the development of the teachers* research projects. Advisors will
need to attend: (1) a planning session in Fall 1998; (2) the Summer
Institute in 1999; (3) six scheduled sessions throughout the 1999-2000
school year; and (4) a culminating conference in May 2000. Advisors
should be based in the Los Angeles region and will receive a stipend.

Speakers and Workshop Leaders:

As the program for the Summer Institute develops, we are interested in
identifying professionals from around the country in the fields of art
and science who can contribute as speakers or workshop leaders.
Topics at the Summer Institute will focus on skills, processes and
communication tools used in the domains of art and science.
Particular attentions will be paid to how each domain informs the
other. Other topics of interest include historical and contemporary
subjects (people, products, ideas) in art and science, the creative
process, and the social and cultural impact of art and science.

If you are interested in participating in this program as a teacher,
advisor, speaker or session leader, we welcome your interest. In
addition, we would greatly appreciate your recommendations of
individuals who possess the interests, background and skills outlined
above. You are also welcome to share this letter with colleagues who
may be interested.

All interested participants (teachers, advisors, and speakers) are
asked to submit a letter of intent and resume by November 1, 1998 to:

Toni Guglielmo
Project Associate
Getty Education Institute for the Arts
1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA 90049-1683
tel. 310-440-6455
fax. 310-440-7704
e-mail: tguglielmo

The selection process for teachers will take place in Fall 1998.
Participants will be announced in February 1999.

Please note: All inquiries and submissions should be sent directly to
Toni Guglielmo (contact information provided above) and not posted on
ArtsEdNet Talk.

Thank you for your interest.


Toni Guglielmo
Project Associate
Getty Education Institute for the Arts

Mark Slavkin
Los Angeles Program Officer
Getty Education Institute for the Arts

Roxie Esterle, Ph.D.
Vice President of Education
California Science Center

Terri Olson
Director of Professional Development and Partnership Programs
California Science Center

Diane Perlov, Ph.D.
California Science Center