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Re: Teaching Schedules

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Litesal (Litesal)
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 19:33:03 -0400

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I forgot to mention, the toughest part of teaching 7, 40 min. elementary
classes a day, is not the teaching time. It's not really even the prep.
that it takes. The toughest part is the mixed grade levels, one after the
other. My toughest day last year went grade 1, 2, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1. This year
will be even more mixed up, with kindergarten scattered throughout the week
(instead of on one day, like the last two years). Although it's interesting,
changing materials for different activities is difficult and confusing.
I've been meaning to use the same media at the same time for each grade
level (or group the grades like some of you do), but it never seems to work
out that way. Because I remain flexible, and try to work along with what
other teachers are doing, I end up doing a whole spectrum of things!

I'm looking forward to it all!!! Seriously!


>I was so overwhelmed by the elementary schedules that were being described
>couldn't formulate words to describe mine. Our school is on 4x4 except for
>band and other courses which need to be all year and they are on A/B. That
>they have their student for all the competitions and they also have them
>all year which is important for performance. Now obviously I am miffed in
>they couldn't see my need to have my students throughout the year. After
>paint and clay dry at the same rate no matter how long my periods of
>instruction are. Not only that I feel that students need time to absorb. I
>think 4x4 moves to fast for absorbtion. I also have a problem in that
>are chosen for the Governor's School for the Arts during the Fall semester.
>Scholastic also takes place at that time. I don't teach for those events
>it is hard to notify and help students prepare for either if they are not
>art at that time. To me 4x4 is for teachers who want lighter class loads
>don't care about the quality of the learning.
>And I am a high school teacher with no planning period. Because they were
>going to stuff my Art Major students into an Art I class. Now do you think
>they honestly thought about the quality of instruction in those
>Art Major students have chosen to major in art for the next two years.
>class will be an hour and a half for the entire year. They are supposed to
>doing advanced work. That was really going to happen in the same room with
>Art I's. So I opted to take them during my planning period so that they
>have a real class.
>But you know what? I'll take my schedule over that of the elementary
>who have described theirs here on this list. At least I only have 4 hour
and a
>half classes per day. I don't know how they do it.