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Re: Fees

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 11:30:14 -0400

It's really to bad companies such as Binney and Smith,Hallmark or
whoever owns art materials doesn't get into contribution like sport
companies do. Nike may be a tyrant but they also supply many schools
with balls,sports equipment, and shoes for kids. Microsoft helping
out with computer software you'd think they too would contribute. I
think there are a lot more than a few kids which are poor in this
country. I don't own a house,we have 1 -10 year old car,I would
consider myself to not have any money my entire adult life but
that's not what really matters to my kids. Lucky their parents are
both artist's because there are a lot of materials around here. The
answer is not taxing,taxing taxing,it may be that the companies in
this country are going to start having to pay to help with societies
problem(education being one). If nothing else on this list you can
see the diverse funds the schools have. Someone gets 3,000$ others
200$. Some schools get airconditioning others aren't heated. Paint
peeling vs. 24 computers with internet access. A free country and
free education should also mean equal education and equal freedom! I
don't believe the property taxes should pay for the district school
because it will always be unequal.

Maggie White wrote:
> RWilk85411 wrote:
> >
> > In our district it has been decided that it is illegal to charge students any
> > kind of fees. We can't even charge the fees that we charged all students at
> > the beginning of the year. <snip>
> There used to be a fee for art and carpentry at my HS, but it was
> declared illegal, also. The reason was that the majority of the students
> are eligible for free breakfasts and lunches, so the poor dears
> apparently can't be expected to pay for anything.
> Sorry for the rant, guys.
> Maggie

john barrick
Sandra Barrick