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Re:Lab Fees Again:(

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10 Aug 98 11:31:29 MDT

Hi! I student taught in elementary last Jan. and Feb. and will begin a K-5
elementary job in a few weeks. One thing that I found helpful during student
teaching was being told that student teaching is a safe place to try
things--that this is the place to struggle and that it would be ok with no
permanent damage to anyone. Also, I wrote out every lesson that I taught even
though the teacher and my university supervisors only required that I write
out the ones where I was being observed. This made me really think about what
I was doing and also gave me something to let my teacher review if I wasn't
sure about something. I also always did the projects myself before teaching
the lessons.

During my eight weeks I worked up to taking over all of the classes by
observing first then taking certain grades and building up until I had them
all. My teacher was barely in the room during my seventh week and that was a
real help in terms of having to do everything. Then in the last week he was in
the whole time and took back the classes that were starting new projects and
I finished with the others so the students could get used to him again.

Make sure you have a written schedule of what classes are coming when with the
teacher's full name. The schedule I was given had a few repeated names such as
Mrs. S or Mr. B and only the grades they taught differentiated them, so I was
confused until I wrote out the schedule myself--plus we were in three
different schools.

Good luck! My elementary position was really positive and that's one of the
main reasons I chose elementary to teach... Susan
> wrote:
> Does anyone have guidelines, advice, good books, etc on having a student
> > teacher in an elementary art setting. I will have one this fall and
> want
> > to give her the best experience I can. Is there anything you
> > being especially helpful when you student taught? Also, I am
> compiling
> > a listing of reasons why art should be taught at the elementary
> > and am looking for research, statistics, on how art might improve
> > scores, and more. I remember that in Britain a school district did a

> > study where the children had equal time in PE, music, and art and
> > that increased test scores but am not sure where to get a hold of
> > information. Are there any other sources in other countries that
> support
> > teaching the arts? I did get some ideas from the Getty site. What
> about
> > research or support for including technology in art education?
> in
> > advance, sorry if this is repetitious I've been out of touch for
> awhile.
> > :)

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