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Chinese Art Lesson Ideas

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Christina ARndT, M.Ed. (carndt)
Sat, 08 Aug 1998 09:00:24 -0400

Here are some lessons I have had success with. These are just the
lessons not the background I cover or the books and reproductions I
use. It is easy to find this information.

Dragon Kites
Students draw the face of their dragon on a paper plate using marker to
decorate and paper strips for the mane. Next they form the body using
at least three 9x12 pieces of colored construction paper. We look at
Chinese paper cuts for ideas. The students fold the paper lengthwise
twice and then cut out curved lines, zig zags, triangles and half moons
to simulate scales. The body is pieced together using staples or glue
and attached to the head. Finally, students use scrap paper and tissue
paper to add embellishment such as legs, tail. etc.
(Ruth Voyles-Toledo Museum of Art)

Dragon Hats
This is a fun, quick project. Students take a 12x18 piece of
construction paper and cut it in half lengthwise with large zig zag
cuts. They measure it to fit their head and then glue or staple it
together. Next they cut a 6x12 piece of paper diagonally with a zig zag
cut, accordion fold it, and glue it to the hat for a tail. Finally, the
student designs to dragon's face and body with scrap paper, markers,
metallic paper, sequins etc.(Multicultural Art Activities)

Paper Making
Paper was invented in China in the year 105 AD by Tsai Lun. We make our
own recycled paper using scrap paper, memos, etc. When these are dry we
look at bamboo brush paintings and Chinese calligraphy. Students
practice first and then paint on their hand made paper. As a final step
they create a frame for their piece by sponge painting gold on red or
black paper.

Ming Vases
Students design a unique symmetrical vase or container by folding a
12x18 piece of white paper and cutting half. Next students create
designs on their vase in monochromatic color schemes with water based
markers. (have them use blue if you want the true Ming look-I like to
give them choices) When finished with the drawing students use a damp
brush to soften the look of their marker and give it a more glaze like
look. *You could also do this project in clay.

Clay Tortoise Boxes
Create a tortoise with a removable shell which reveals a hollow space to
keep treasures. The tortois is a symbol of the universe.

Tina ARndT
Sylvania City Schools
Whiteford Elementary