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Prang, windfall budget, and personal (art) history (long post)

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Tue, 4 Aug 1998 20:38:07 EDT

Hi Everybody,

I have thought about my situation with the increased budget. Thanks for all
the suggestions and advice. One thing I realized is that my budget must be
seriously smaller than that of some of you... because the cost of alot of
these kilns in the catalogs is twice the amount of money I have for the entire
year, even though my budget is tripled! So they're out of the question.

I ought to have explained a little. When I began teaching art in this school
there were 6 paint brushes, three x-acto knives and a few plastic boxes of
tempera paint and no sink/no water. I brought a 5 gallon water dispenser from
home and set it up in the art room... the next year they put in a utility
sink. I'm the only certified art teacher the school has ever had. My degree
is in fine arts... I took education classes after my children were born so
that I could teach. I got certified but came to teaching through the back
door into the Catholic schools. I am a painter. The organizational skills
involved in teaching are tough for me. I'm too much of a daydreamer... but I
teach in two schools: 14 grade levels of art.

I also do the yearbook at the high school. The art room is 1/3 of a
portable... with one sink, 4 tables, a paper cutter, and a lot more paint and
brushes than 4 years ago when I started. We plan and layout a 200 page book
with the graphic design class, using one computer. The art room has to stay
rather clean even though 3-D art, 2-D art and graphic design are done in the
same room (they aren't a great combination for one room). In thinking about
it I decided it wouldn't make sense to have a kiln in this situation even if I
could afford one.

I must have commited some serious sins somewhere along the line to find myself
dealing with these circumstances. Mea culpa Mea culpa etc. etc... yet quite
often it occurs to me that I'm very happy and feel fortunate to be here. I
love the place, warts and all.

Clamps,chisels, tubs and materials for marbelizing paper, kite-making
materials, a decent variety of paper..... and maybe a cheap etching press are
on my list. I also looked back at some old postings that I'd saved from
artsednet and found a wonderful video mentioned- called The Ad and the Ego,
from California Newsreel. It's also on the list.

I agree that Prang crayons are great, soybean and the old ones - they're vivid
and have been a favorite of mine for a few years. And if anyone has some
low-end suggestions, more along the line of basic artroom essentials...
including a couple of really interesting videos please do tell.

Thanks again,

Kathy Maloney Johnson
Father Lopez High School and Our Lady of Lourdes School
Daytona Beach Florida