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Re: Steps

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suzette milam (smilam)
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 09:32:41 +0000

Ann Weaver wrote:
I am interested in the Steps program you use at your school.
> Please enlighten me. ann in nc

Sure thing,

The step system makes clear boundaries and consequences for the student
behavior on our campus. It replaces the blanket referral for everything and
parents coming in wondering why their kid was kicked out of a class.

The step system is posted and explained in every classroom. The same form is
used for each step the student earns in your class. I keep them in a binder
divided by periods.

Step 1: A verbal warning of the infraction is given. The student signs the
step that they have been warned. This is when I have them fill out the top
portion with address and so forth. Some teachers have all students fill one
out when they discuss the system. The step is then filed.

Step 2: A classroom detention is assigned. The student signs the same step
form on the next line.An explaination of the situation is also listed on the
form. A copy is then sent home to the parents. We have a step box in the
office. Office aids mail out the copy the teacher put in the box. (1 copy)

Step 3: An in-school suspension for that period for two days. We have a room
called the responsibility center "R.C." where the student must go instead of
participating in class for two days. The teacher makes three copies of the
step form the student signed. One copy goes home, one goes to the assistant
principal of discipline and the third copy to the councilor. While the student
is out of class in R.C. the teacher needs to call home to let Mom and Dad know
there is a problem. This is documented on the form. If not documented the
assistant principle calls. To be honest I know this falls on the assistant
principal more often than it should. (3 copies on 3 step)

Step 4: R.C. two days while parents are called in for a conference with the
assistant principal. One copy goes to the assistant principal. Done.
The assistant principal explains to the parents the student has one chance
left in that class.(one copy)

Step 5: The student is removed from the class for the rest of the semester
with an "F". The student is scheduled into the R.C. for the rest of the
semester.(one copy)

We have been using this system for four years. The average number of students
that make it to step five is 28 out of 2400. Of those 28 students all of them
received 5 steps in two or more classes. Those students were also failing the
class before they were removed. What this seems to show is that those students
would have been disruptive no matter how many steps there were. In my classes,
kids rarely get to step 3. They know exactly how far to go without crossing
over into the danger zone.

Parents are clear on what is going on with the student having been contacted
throughout the process. It also cuts down on the shifting of the disruptive
student from one person's class to another.
If you would like, I can scan a form for you to see the set up. It is working
out well for our school.