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Re: about Roseart markers......

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 11:53:54 -0400

Toulouse95 wrote:

> Does anyone know of a good, cheap brand of colored pencils? My students prefer
> Design ones a little over the Berol Prismacolors, but at roughly $8 a dozen
> for either, I can't get many. I sure like the soft ones, of course. The Kodak
> brand is the cheapest ones I've found that aren't terribly hard. ColorArt ones
> are sad.

I have another pesty suggestion:

Working in art supplies in the past I can tell you we had hundreds
of colored pencils which were discontinued and we'd save stuff for
customers who liked old stuff. I personally like (and am quite
distressed that they have been bought out and discontinued)
Design,"Spectracolors" BooHoo. I have probably 10 black ,white,blue
and then a set of 60. Anyway,go into any art supply and ask if they
have any discontinued colored pencils(you'll probably get a bunch of
pencils as for some reason everyone experiments with those),ask them
to donate(for the tax free status) or a 50% off etc. Talk to the
person who does the purchasing or the manager(however looks least
While your at it also check out their older display
tables,lights,matt board scaps,etc. There is a lot of crap that can
be cleaned out. Also look for that summer/warehouse sale. After
spending several weekends doing inventory on all this old crap,we
would have loved for a teacher to want the stuff.
P.S. I've bought Roseart for my son last year and they lasted the
whole year(Markers) my husband was layed off and I was doing art lit
They worked fine for him,but that was the only time I did it. I
don't like the other stuff though. I also prefer Prang removable
I am guilty of buying crayola this year and I'm happy with it,but I
wish it was cheaper.(The child refused my Berol pencils,and
supracolor W/C pencils though).

john barrick
Sandra Barrick