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Re: Tips: Passes out of class

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suzette milam (smilam)
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 06:12:47 +0000

gregjuli wrote:
> >
> >
> > Dealing with ADD and special need students is an individual thing. I
> have a
> > son with special needs. The key is communication with that child's
> team. Find
> > out what those special needs are and then adjust to meet them. Least
> > Restrictive Environment does not mean free rein. The students can
> get up and
> > walk around in the classroom just not leave. My question to you is,
> "Can you
> > leave class to go to the rest room? How do you as a teacher deal
> with having
> > to use the rest room?" We generally wait until break. If I can wait,
> why can't they?
> >
> > I tell the kids at the beginning of the year, "I take my job and
> this class
> > seriously. I expect the same of you."
> >
> > Ditto on the job - I tell then I work very hard to give them great
> lessons.
> >
> >
> > Suzette
> Hi Suzette,
> You more than answered my questions. Sounds like quite an efficient
> set-up you have
> going for you. I really like the binder idea. I might pass that on to
> our new principal
> once he gets settled in.
> As far as the rest room situation ,I guess I'm lenient because one
> -the kids have only 3
> min. between classes,( and I personally have a weak bladder and often
> I need to go often
> which isn't always easy) and it's embarrassing for girls who need more
> time, and the
> hyper kid- I rather have him go the the rest room than walk around
> disturbing others. I
> have an ADHD kid and I use to be furious when he was in grade school
> and the teachers
> expected him to sit like a little soldier. Darn I can't even do that (
> I guess he gets
> it from me). Anyhow I do not have a problem with kids over use of the
> rest room or
> getting a drink. I don't make a big deal out of it unless I have an
> abuser, then that
> person loses the privilege to leave. Like I tell the kids you all
> have privileges when
> you come to this class, but abuse them and lose them it's as simple as
> that. Sorry , I
> bet that was more than you wanted to hear-lol.
> MaryB.

Hi Mary,
lol, I like to hear how everyone else does stuff. I like your "abuse it, loose
it" philosophy. Wow! Three minutes does not leave much time to get to class.
Do they have a shorter day then? Do you have a really small campus? Ours is
pretty spread out. I don't think three minutes is do-able from one end to the
other. Do your kids have lockers? We did away with ours and that has cut down
on late comers by a bunch. Suzette