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Mon, 3 Aug 1998 19:41:44 EDT

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I belong to another list of digital artists. I thought this fragment from a
discussion going on on that list would be of interest. Cooincidence?


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Subject: * Re: We're supposed to be discussing this on the Digital Artist
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I believe it was Degas who said that all artists are
craftsmen, but not every craftsman is an artist. Okay,
here is my two cents worth. I think people mix up the
adjective "artistic" with the noun "art," the first being
an aesthetic label about a person, place, or thing. Also,
the noun relates to many different things or activities:
Crafts, Performing Arts, Fine Arts. In the Fine Arts,
there are so many things to consider for evaluation, such as
medium, genre, and language. For example, language in painting
consists of things like structure, color, etc. There are also rules,
built from a history or tradition, and each new creation in a
particular genre carries within it its history. One can chose to
violate the rules of the game, but if you are not even aware of
those rules you are not a player-whatever you think.