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Re: Design Principles

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Lauretta A. Hendricks-Backus (
Mon, 03 Aug 1998 07:58:01 -0500


Yes I use their regular seats as stations. I have their tables grouped in
six as six areas. Approximately 4 kids per table. It works fine. I use
this rotating system frequently to glaze ceramics even to paint. Some
times I rotate the materials as opposed to the kids, by keeping the
materials in flat moveable trays. The kids are very familiar with the
command "Rotate!" and what I mean by carrying their work "like a plate of
spaghetti", very carefully. It is a good way to economically use more of
or a variety of materials with lots of kids in a short amount of time (40
minutes including clean-up) and in a small amount of space.

It works for me.


At 10:38 PM 8/2/98 EDT, you wrote:
> your letter to Leah on Listserv and have a question. I never was
>able to use the "station" idea in my classroom because it was very small
and I
>physically couldn't accomodate several tables. But it is an idea I wanted to
>try someday. They are giving me an art room this year that is twice as
big as
>my old room...41X16. I plan to set up two areas of two long tables put
>together to seat 8-10 kids. I will have 2 of these set-ups for a total of 20
>seats which is our highest class enrollment.
>When you have the kids move around to stations...are these additional tables
>set up aside from their own workspace? Or do you use the tables they are
>seated at as stations?
>Many times I set up a table for lets say..printing and kids come up
>individually to ink and print the block. What I'd like to try is stations
>several different art medias going on at the same time. Then to rotate the
>kids through it. Have you done that? If so did it work?
>Appreciate if you can help.