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Mini workstations in the Art room.

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Sun, 2 Aug 1998 22:55:45 EDT

This Listserv has been such a blessing to me! I have learned so much from you
and have gotten so much encouragement and wisdom from you all. Thanks!
Here's a new one to chew on...

I never was able to use the "station" idea in my classroom because it was very
small and I physically couldn't accomodate several work areas. But it is an
idea I wanted to try someday. My principal is giving me an art room this
year that is twice as big as my old room...41X16. I plan to set up two areas
of two long tables put together to seat 8-10 kids for a maximum class of 20
seats ( "Yes Virginia, there are small classes somewhere") . I have no counter
cabinets in the room. Just 4 walls, a sink, and 3 portable metal cabinets from
my old room. Ah, but I DO have a drying rack!!!

I like the idea of work stations so I can do papermaking, silk screen printing
When you have the kids move around to stations...are these additional tables
set up aside from their own workspace? Or do you use the tables they are
seated at as stations?

Many times I set up a table at the front of the room for lets say..printing,
and kids come up individually to ink and print the block. To me this is not
time-effective. I need some classroom management ideas of how you do special
units...what are some of your short-cut ideas? How do you set up your room
for art projects that are not necessarily done at individual workplaces?

What I'd really like to try is stations where the class is working on a
variety of art projects in different medias, all going on at the same time.
I would then rotate the kids through each one. Has anyone done that? If so
did it work?


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