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Re: Tips: Passes out of class

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suzette milam (smilam)
Sun, 02 Aug 1998 17:28:15 +0000

Hi Mary,
Here are my answers:
The student who is really great more times than not will not have a problem
with taking the test anyway, because they know this stuff. The kid whom you
refer to as a goof will more than likely have a "*step "(discipline referral)
by the time the final rolls around for goofing. Test time for Mr. Goof. I
always encourage the three or four kids that are sure they fall under the
"don't have to take the test rule" that if they take the test it can only help
their grade and not hurt it. They take it and do great because they know this
stuff. :)

The orange vest is a known visual for my class and on occasion does get
ditched. If they get caught without the vest they owe me lunch detention. I
can see the rest rooms out the door and I make a clear check out the door
first few weeks of school when I'm setting the stage for the rest of the year.
Campus supervisors are also your friends on this issue.

The campus binder is a great policy I suggest it for everyone that has a
problem with study skills at their school. Yes, every student must have the
materials they need to learn. Any binder will do...I have boxes full of
binders from my hubby's work that kids can take. Kids have a week after school
starts to get a binder, paper, pens, pencils, dividers for each period and a
calendar to write assignments along with gym clothes. The Student Store has a
package deal or kids can get them on their own. The hall pass sheet goes in
front. We have campus wide binder checks. If we get 95% at a given time the
kids get an extra 5 minutes for brunch. We get it. Many teachers check for
notes etc. for points in class. It has increased the success of our students
by encouraging good study skills.

Dealing with ADD and special need students is an individual thing. I have a
son with special needs. The key is communication with that child's team. Find
out what those special needs are and then adjust to meet them. Least
Restrictive Environment does not mean free rein. The students can get up and
walk around in the classroom just not leave. My question to you is, "Can you
leave class to go to the rest room? How do you as a teacher deal with having
to use the rest room?" We generally wait until break. If I can wait, why can't they?

I tell the kids at the beginning of the year, "I take my job and this class
seriously. I expect the same of you."

I hope this answers your questions. I'm Sorry if I sound like a big meany.
Once you have set boundaries kids love you just as much as the doormat teacher
and I am still a happy camper at the end of the year.

*Steps are a campus wide assertive discipline system used instead of the
bottomless referral forms.I will answer questions on that too if you are interested.