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Re: Tips: Passes out of class

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suzette milam (smilam)
Sat, 01 Aug 1998 09:15:13 +0000

There are three things I would like to share about passes, absences and tardy students'.

1. A campus wide policy that goes with a binder rule. All students must have a
binder with the materials needed for school inside. One of the items inside is
a "Hall Pass Sheet". It has to be signed, dated, destination and period filled
out by the teacher for student to leave the class for whatever reason. The
student must have it to go anywhere. This helps cut down on the student who
goes to the rest room every period. It helps is many problems related to
missing classes, etc.

2. I give hall passes out only in an emergency. Of course everything
constitutes an emergency in the mind of a teenager. I test this level of need
by asking the student to replace the learning time missed while at the rest
room during the next brunch break. It is amazing how it becomes less necessary
to miss that learning time. I also require students out of my class to wear a
bright orange safety vest (caltrans) with the room number on it, for those
long way around walks to the rest room.

3. Last tip is a policy that has dropped the number of kids absent, tardy and
discipline problems. I tell the kids at each semester that if they are not
absent, tardy and have no discipline reports they will not have to take the
final. Kids that have low motivation will come to your class and confess that
is the only reason they came to school at all that day. Suzette