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Chaney (lchaney)
Sun, 31 Aug 1997 21:31:36 -0500

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Laurann65 wrote:
> Hello friends!
> This may seem like a really basic question but I was hoping someone could
> explain something to me.
> We have been rewriting our elementary art curriculum this year. Some of the
> teachers are insisting that when you teach the color wheel that yellow HAS TO
> be on the top. I personally thought that since it is a 'wheel' that any
> color could be on the top, as long as the order was correct. Can you set me
> straight, or give me more information to support the more flexible approach?
> I would like to hear anyone's ideas about how thay approach teaching the
> colorwheel to elementary students.
> thanks!
> :) Laura Allan


I do understand what you are saying. Due to the rainbow spectrum
ROYGBIV, and I guess teaching that red, yellow and blue are the
primaries (notice I listed red first) I always seem to picture red at
the top. Maybe I'm the odd ball. However I have noticed confused
students due to this. I have a poster in my room with the color wheel
listing yellow at the top. If I write it differently on the board the
students get confused and point out to me that it is wrong. I don't
know why I have a habit of listing red first, but I've caught myself
doning it quite bit. I always thought the wheel was round also, but
it's not to some students.

Melissa Chaney
Midway R-1
Cleveland, MO

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