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Sun, 31 Aug 1997 08:35:11 -0400

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I have my middle school students for 6 weeks a year. I have them
purchase a 9x12 spiral sketchbook and they have an assignment each week.

Each assignment :
has 5 drawings,
may or may not have to do with what we are doing in class
and is worth 25 points (it's just a number, I really need to look at
that again...)

All class work/ project sketches are done from the front of the sketch
book to the back. All outside sketch book assignments are done from
back to front. (This helps me when I look at the sketchbooks.) I give
the students the assignments on Mondays and they are due the following
Monday. I try to look at them in class so I can talk to the students
about them. I have certain things that I am looking for in the
assignment and they are listed on the handout. I also print out some
labels (2" x 4") that list what I am evaluating. When I look at each
sketchbook, I put a label in the back cover - with a check next to
something, or I underline, or an exclamation point, question mark...

Why do I do it?
I only have them 6 weeks - so I try to get more out of the time,
they draw everyday (most do - I check the sketch books during the week
- casually),
reinforce concepts/techniques we have gone over...,
it is my 'concrete' side (did they do what was listed under
'evaluated'?) I'm pretty flexible with what I assess in class - if a
student can justify there reason for altering an assignment - go for it.

If you get any ideas that are not cc'd to the list - would you please


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