Re:Uses,abuses and misuses of k-12 visual art education

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suzette milam (john.gilinsky)
Thu, 28 Aug 1997 10:32:30 -0400

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I knew the South would respond! Thank you for your thoughts. Yes the va
educator has so much to do for curriculum,etc...that the broader political
picture(s) get lost or ironically the va educator lives the politics and
thus their immersion distorts the realities that confront us. It is a no
win situation that is one reason why I believe so many va eds cope in what
many might perceive as oddball,"typical artist bohemian"(bet you haven't
heard that word lately),"liberal","permissive",etc... Va eds are also
persons with all their frailities,vices and virtues. Its just that the
creative and creative related world does engender some distinctive though
not necessarilly unique problems for people generally. My personal
philosophy and orientation are officially humanistic and humanitarian yet
I am human and will make mistakes like everyone else. I believe strongly
in leading an ethical life: How do I as a va ed fail learners for not
trying when they are at risk(inner city,ld,ad,behaviourial)? How do I
justify passing such learners when they as 18 year olds+ wilfully skip
school (hence disrupting the whole program....)? I find that too many va
eds take their personal feelings and transpose,emesh these into their
professional judgements about learners,their learning teaching
environment,etc....and paradoxically fail to recognize other individuals
(whether they be peers,learners,administrators,parents,...)to the
ultimate detriment of the "status" alone of va within the education
Hope people respond to this and my earlier questions.
Tx all,
Bye for now!

On Thu, 28 Aug 1997 JUDIEJ48 wrote:

> I agree to most of your "What abouts" in your request for input. I think
> that what we are taught about art advocacy and our responsibility as
> educators to constantly promote the arts and get it out there in the school
> community, the surrounding community and to anyone who will listen is our
> best solution.
> I don't like getting caught up in the red tape and politics of art. I just
> like to do it--both in my personal studio and marketing and in the classroom
> with students, young and adult. I get the best results when I get my
> students' work and mine out in the visual arena with the rest of the
> academics. I feel that visual arts has an advantage over the others, in that
> we do post our work for everyone to enjoy. There is nothing better than a
> positive comment or expression of appreciation of the artwork that we display
> around our school and community.
> I realize it goes much further than that--politics, lobbying groups,
> etc.--but there is only so much time to spread around.
> Good Luck and would love to hear what others think.
> Judie J
> Atlanta

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