Re:Uses,abuses and misuses of k-12 visual art education

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Thu, 28 Aug 1997 04:02:15 -0400 (EDT)

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I agree to most of your "What abouts" in your request for input. I think
that what we are taught about art advocacy and our responsibility as
educators to constantly promote the arts and get it out there in the school
community, the surrounding community and to anyone who will listen is our
best solution.

I don't like getting caught up in the red tape and politics of art. I just
like to do it--both in my personal studio and marketing and in the classroom
with students, young and adult. I get the best results when I get my
students' work and mine out in the visual arena with the rest of the
academics. I feel that visual arts has an advantage over the others, in that
we do post our work for everyone to enjoy. There is nothing better than a
positive comment or expression of appreciation of the artwork that we display
around our school and community.

I realize it goes much further than that--politics, lobbying groups,
etc.--but there is only so much time to spread around.
Good Luck and would love to hear what others think.

Judie J

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