Re: Uses,abuses and misuses of k-12 visual art education

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Deborah Gilbert (
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 20:32:08 -0600 (MDT)

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>john.gilinsky wrote:
>> So far no one has responded (except perhaps one California art educator(I
>> think)to my first and so far only(this is my second!)on uses,abuses and
>> misuses of visual arts education k-12. I am fascinated by art as recess a
>> popularized criticism (at least in North American circles) for some time
>> now.
>Maybe it's the summer time, and maybe it's just me, but maybe, just
>maybe this is entirely too "heavy" man. First of all, just the language
>is daunting. Secondly, just speaking for myself here, I tackle issues
>one at a time, mano a mano, with intelligence, wit, and
>that I am not so negative, and that my lifetime of teaching, while a
>HUGE struggle (I don't deny any of your points), has been an eye opener
>for many, on many levels, from student, administrator, parent and foe.
>If you were in the room with me, we could discuss these issues, but over
>email, it becomes cold rhetoric, one fact vs another, one opinion vs
>another, one experience vs another,,,,,etc.etc.etc.
>I am curious to see what advice you will be getting from others.
>San D

I tend to agree with you San D - when I read the post, I found myself
thinking that I could offer an answer if there were only one, maybe two
points raised, but the list went on and on and so I just pressed the delete
key. The points raised also seemed like tilting at windmills - issues that
may be true, but would take very intense thought to correct... and the one
thing I don't have this time of year, is extra time!!


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