Re: Uses,abuses and misuses of k-12 visual art education

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kprs (kprs)
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 21:31:54 -0700

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john.gilinsky wrote:
> So far no one has responded (except perhaps one California art educator(I
> think)to my first and so far only(this is my second!)on uses,abuses and
> misuses of visual arts education k-12. I am fascinated by art as recess a
> popularized criticism (at least in North American circles) for some time
> now.


Maybe it's the summer time, and maybe it's just me, but maybe, just
maybe this is entirely too "heavy" man. First of all, just the language
is daunting. Secondly, just speaking for myself here, I tackle issues
one at a time, mano a mano, with intelligence, wit, and
that I am not so negative, and that my lifetime of teaching, while a
HUGE struggle (I don't deny any of your points), has been an eye opener
for many, on many levels, from student, administrator, parent and foe.
If you were in the room with me, we could discuss these issues, but over
email, it becomes cold rhetoric, one fact vs another, one opinion vs
another, one experience vs another,,,,,etc.etc.etc.
I am curious to see what advice you will be getting from others.

San D

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