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Peggy Woolsey (john.gilinsky)
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 20:24:47 -0400

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So far no one has responded (except perhaps one California art educator(I
think)to my first and so far only(this is my second!)on uses,abuses and
misuses of visual arts education k-12. I am fascinated by art as recess a
popularized criticism (at least in North American circles) for some time
What about thoughts,reactions on integrating curriculum(multiple not
just co-curricular)and the visual arts?
What about specialneeds/education learners k-12 being placed in visual arts classrooms with
va teachers and personnel who are not trained/experienced in dealing with
the inevitable classroom management concerns?
What about anti-intellectual freedom loving anti-authority visual
artist stereotypes that fuel or support superficial administrative
handling(or non-handling)of va programs,departments and staff in schools?
What about the wilfull non-integration/ignoring of art history
when learners say they hate content oriented (just the facts man)teaching?
What about specialist(that is va qualified)teachers resenting or
not cooperating with non-specialist teachers for fear of diluting their
"specialist" status and thus to the latter their job protection/status?
What about freedom loving/liberal/permissive orientation va
teachers who by not asserting sufficient teacher authority in the
classroom engender overall problems for other teachers,learners and the
school(s) overall?
What about the claim that the majority if not vast majority of va
teachers are frustrated/failed vartists who despise (or close to it)va
teaching in particular since it presumably reminds them of their own
What about the anti-intellectual climate of many schools nay
society at large and the battle for slight status within the
non-science/non-math/non-business curriculu: how does va contribute or not
contribute to these popular societal perceptions of curriculum?
What about the silences,acquiescences of many va teachers who
think that since they teach va they are so luck that they better not rock
the boat or the whole program (and their jobs)might be jeopardized?
What about censorship issues in k-12 classes such as
violence,racism,sex subjects that learners or teachers may
produce,imitate(copy)or simply examine and study?

I hope that some persons respond to this and any other related
question/concern that they have!
Thank you,
John Gilinsky,B.Ed.

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