K-12 teacher Software?

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Alix E. Peshette (apeshet)
Mon, 25 Aug 1997 06:53:50 +0000

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Hi All,

Re: K-12 Teacher software.
I will be writing an article for our district newspaper on useful teacher software.
The ideas is "What does the computer using educator need?" This will
not be software used by students, but rather the basic things a
teacher needs to do the job; word processing, grading program,
printshop program, multi-media presentation stuff, you name it.
Please let me draw upon your collective wisdom and hear some of your favorites.

1) Please tell me the name of the software, a little about how you
personally use it and whether it is Mac or PC or both. Also include
your grade level.

2) You can also include a wish list of software you are
planning to get at a future date.

You can respond to my e-mail privately or post to the list. I will
repost a compilation of your ideas when I am done.

Many thanks!!
Alix Peshette
Emerson Junior High School
Davis, CA

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