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Mon, 25 Aug 1997 08:50:47, -0500

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>On Sat, 23 Aug 1997,
>McJeanne wrote:
>Subject: Re: where are the new leaders for arts ed going to come

>Good luck in your efforts for promoting Arts education! I am a part-
time Art teacher (K-8) that has a BFA >but no certification in

I, too, am being tossed into the frying pan this fall. After years of
teaching art in my studio (both individual and group classes) as well
as being contracted to teach computers in the schools, I find myself
with a job as art teacher at a brand new k-6 charter school. I, too,
have loads of practical experience and a BFA but no certification. I
have found great support in the schools, as I have contacted local
public school art teachers for something so simple as a sample
supplies list --my first big hurdle-- , just so I have a starting
point. The teachers I have met and spoken with have been a great
resource. I feel overburdened now with the amount of stuff I have to
wade through. This listserv has also been invaluable to me!

--The strange thing is, no less than three schools called me this
summer to teach art in the fall. I have taken the one at the charter
school because it is an afternoon program, and leaves me open to do
my morning computer teaching at local senior centers. In November,
however, I will also teach a ten week art program to middle
school/high school students, two mornings a week.

I think I am not alone in the gratitude I feel for any advice,
suggestions, etc., that any seasoned professionals would care to


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