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bryan (rekcets)
Sun, 24 Aug 1997 08:46:07 -0700

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Here are some ideas for ancient art:

1 - with first graders I had each student make a clay tablet. They
rolled a piece of clay and flattened it with their hands. We fired
these and they looked like a piece of a cave wall. Then, we made paint
with different colored dirt, made brushes with sticks, string, pine
needles, feathers, etc. We also used charcoal. The students drew
animals that they would have hunted if they lived at that time. We drew
with charcoal and then painted it with the different colored dirt. I
then put a coat of aquavar over them to seal the paintings. The clay
was a brown and when fired looked great. The clay was old and donated
and it was too hard to wedge, so the tablets developed cracks and it
made them look even better!

2 - use terracotta clay make a vase or a simple plate - paint the dry
plate with black underglaze and then using skewers scratch away a greek
key design around the piece - add the outline of a figure, paint it
black, scratch the details - voila! black figure greek pottery

3 - buy egyptian paste from a pottery supplier, or make your own ( I
have a recipe if you have access to glaze materials and a gram scale)
They can make small pots or scarabs (sp?)

4 - use scratch board for a greek design

5 - plaster of paris mixed in a plastic bag - shape into a form of a god
(Horus, etc.) carve details while it is still soft - paint gold!

6 - For Byzantine have students work on a mosaic. Last year my 3/4
grades did mosaics. I would have students work in groups on a few
pieces rather than do their own. Tile companies donated broken tile and
the adhesive and grout weren't very expensive. Biggest problem was
having the correct colors and small enough pieces.

Good luck! I'm going to be doing lots of ancient world art this year
myself. I'm team teaching, (art, language arts and social studies) in a
humanities block and the 6th graders study ancient cultures! I'd love
to have more ideas!


Annie Stecker

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