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DEBBI CRANE (craned)
Fri, 22 Aug 1997 20:14:26 -0500

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Laurann and All,
I was pretty shocked to read your rules - They are quite similar to mine! Artsednet...Where great minds meet to share ideas!
We, too, are supposed to post rules and consequences and submit a copy to the principal. Although I've been taeching art for two years before, I didn't have a formal list of rules until this year. Here they are:
1. STAY in your seat.
2. RAISE your hand.
3. CLEAN your mess.
4. Be SAFE with materials.
5. Show RESPECT.
6. SMILE - Art is fun!

So far no resistance to this list of rules, even from the kids I had last year.

* We have already chosen the theme of our annual Spring "STRESStival" of the Arts...Ancient World, Ancient Art. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Art happens,

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In our district we are supposed to post classroom rules in our class. Since
all specials are on a cart (including art, music & media) instead of adapting
to each classes' rules, we can have our own. The first day we made art books
and I had them write my rules inside the front cover - that way I could say
they were posted if I was asked about it. The rules I came up with were as

1. BE PREPARED:(desk cleared off except for pencil & art book, have all your
2. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS: (be quiet so you can hear directions, raise hand to
ask questions if you don't understand)
3. RESPECT OTHERS: (don't touch other peoples' belongings without asking,
if you can't say something nice - don't say anything at all, return borrowed
4. STAY IN SEAT: (ask permission to get out of seat)
5. ENJOY!! (Art will be fun for everyone when we all follow the rules)

The other art teacher I worked with had kids copy the list a number of times
if they were continually having a discipline problem. In the lower grades I
had the kids only write the bold words, but would discuss the other

We are also supposed to have a posted list of consequences, but I never did -
I didn't have many discipline problems.

I would be interested in hearing other teachers' lists of classroom rules

:) Laura Allan

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