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re: Elementary rewards

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Deborah Gilbert (
Sat, 23 Aug 1997 16:18:44 -0600 (MDT)

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> From what I read, it seems that some elementary teachers are
>devising some extra ways of reinforcing good behavior with a reward that
>students like. Am I correct? On the other hand, it didn't seem like Robert
>was "bashing' anyone, but was trying to give some ideas linked to
>students' gaining confidence in their own ideas. Could there be a way of
>taking both ideas and coming up with a reward?
>I hope everyone feels free to comment on any topic. Maybe the
>"impersonality" of the link leaves out the personality of the speaker,
>which could be gauged if we were in a seminar somewhere.

I agree!! I think that Robert just has a confrontive way of talking that
can be interpretted as bashing, even tho' it isn't meant that way. From
what I have begun to know of him, he is very concerned about the state of
art education in this country today, as are all of us, I am sure. When he
puts forth ideas, I think it is with the concern that all students be given
the richest art experience possible, while at the same time, ensuring that
the public (our employers, by the way - and an uneducated lot they are,
too, at least art-wise) doesn't view us as unnecessary, cutesy or without
substance. It has always been my view that *we* should be doing what the
classroom teachers *can't*, due to lack of background and training. If we
reduce our programs to include projects and learnings that can just as
easily be taught by a generalist, then we are doing ourselves and art
education as diservice.


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