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Re: Elementary rewards

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Chaney (lchaney)
Fri, 22 Aug 1997 21:33:38 -0500

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Robert Beeching wrote:
> >Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 13:51:38 -0700
> >To: holmgren
> >From: Robert Beeching <robprod>
> >Subject: Re: Elementary rewards
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> >At 12:11 PM 8/21/97 -0500, you wrote:
> >>
> >>Hi Melissa,
> >>
> >> I use a similar system with my classes. For awards, I've done several
> >>things. One, is to reproduce a page from a book of designs; you know, the
> >>kind of real complex designs that can be colored in.
> >
> >This activity does not allow a child to design his or her
> >own repeat pattern arrangements. Teach children the art "principle"
> >of "repetition" by introducing circles, squares, and triangles:
> >"the basic shapes of industry" and how to repeat shapes in
> >both hroizontal/vertical, and implied "diagonal" arrangements.
> >In this way, children not only learn to create their own complex
> >repeat patterns for "applique" "block printing" and "cut paper"
> >designs, they learn to form geometric shapes "free-hand."
> >--------------------------------------------rb
> >
> > Sometimes I blow them
> >>up on the zerox so the designs are larger and cut the paper in half; each
> >>child gets a half sheet which they can fill in any way they want. Another
> >>thing I do is to reproduce a small line drawing I've done
> >
> >Doing line drawings for children perpetuates a dependence
> >on others, and as they advance through the grades get further
> >away from the notion that they are capable of creating their
> >own work!
> >---------------------------------------------------------rb
> >
> > (these fit four
> >>to a sheet), and give them each one of those. I call these "art awards".
> >
> >An award is usually presented for personal accomplishments.
> >What have children accomplished in this activity other than
> >coloring in and manipulating the work of others?
> >------------------------------------------------rb
> >>
> >>Mary
> >>
> >>


People like you make me furrious. I'm sure tired of seeing your name on
the listserv when you bash others. Your attitude tends to keep others
from sharing ideas. Some people have become quiet observers instead.
It's a shame that no one is perfect like you.

I appreciate any responses to my inquiries. I love to hear ideas and
weather I use them or not is my choice. I sure wish you would do the
same. I teach K-12 and feel that anything that helps me establish
classroom control is worth it. I guess that you did not understand that
we were discussing this, NOT our curriculum and how we teach it.

I know that I'm begining to think twice before voicing my ideas. Others
are as well. Now isn't that sad?

Melissa Chaney

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