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Re: Elementary rewards

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Thu, 21 Aug 1997 21:22:56 -0500

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>>Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 13:51:38 -0700
>>To: holmgren
>>From: Robert Beeching <robprod>
>>Subject: Re: Elementary rewards
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>>At 12:11 PM 8/21/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>>Hi Melissa,
>>> I use a similar system with my classes. For awards, I've done several
>>>things. One, is to reproduce a page from a book of designs; you know, the
>>>kind of real complex designs that can be colored in.
>>This activity does not allow a child to design his or her
>>own repeat pattern arrangements. Teach children the art "principle"
>>of "repetition" by introducing circles, squares, and triangles:
>>"the basic shapes of industry" and how to repeat shapes in
>>both hroizontal/vertical, and implied "diagonal" arrangements.
>>In this way, children not only learn to create their own complex
>>repeat patterns for "applique" "block printing" and "cut paper"
>>designs, they learn to form geometric shapes "free-hand."
>> Sometimes I blow them
>>>up on the zerox so the designs are larger and cut the paper in half; each
>>>child gets a half sheet which they can fill in any way they want. Another
>>>thing I do is to reproduce a small line drawing I've done
>>Doing line drawings for children perpetuates a dependence
>>on others, and as they advance through the grades get further
>>away from the notion that they are capable of creating their
>>own work!
>> (these fit four
>>>to a sheet), and give them each one of those. I call these "art awards".
>>An award is usually presented for personal accomplishments.
>>What have children accomplished in this activity other than
>>coloring in and manipulating the work of others?

I guess I used some unfortunate terminology in my message. The things I
mentioned are not activities I do in my art classes. I do not teach about
pattern and design by giving students design sheets. I gave them out as
"rewards" for classroom behavior (instead of giving out candy, for
example); part of my classroom management plan. Possibly giving them some
chunks of construction paper or drawing paper could be another idea.

The drawings I gave my students are zerox copies of drawings I have done
for notecards. I called them "line drawings", because they were executed
in a linear process with pen and ink. They weren't receiving a little
drawing to color in, but a copy of an artwork done by their art
a "reward" for their behavior in art class. I'm sure this kind of
classroom management is a controversial issue, though I know I'm not the
only person who uses some form of incentives in their class. I feel if a
classroom is chaotic, no learning can happpen. My method has worked, the
kids think its fun, and I have virtually no discipline problems.

Mary H.

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