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RE: Art Birthday Parties

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Sears, Ellen (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 12:25:27 -0400

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Some ideas -
Anything with Sculpey Clay - you would have to start the party, break
for cake etc., while the pieces bake, then regroup.

Foil sculptures over wire armatures (if it's outside you could also use
the plaster gauze over the foil - the plaster dries fast, you could be
done in under an hour).

Wire sculptures - just get a roll of annealed wire - have blocks of wood
and a drill handy for mounting (the ends of the wire fit into the base).
You may even want to get a collection of old jewelry from Goodwill. I
have a large container of beads from necklaces I have taken apart. We
use them for accents. You would need to have some pliers...

If you use metal toiling foil, you could have them draw on it, punch it
-whatever, and even use it to create picture frames, small wall

Use galvanized sheet metal that you have cut into simple shapes, primed
and added a light base color to. They could use paint pens, metallic
pens or acrylic paints for smaller designs. Punch a hole for hanging.

Use really good construction paper - bold colors - to have them trace
their hands. Cut them out, glue to another paper (Black looks good)
Use small pieces of the paper to cut into triangles, zig zags, dots,
rectangles.... to create a pattern around the hand. Have the pieces
layered, small dots on rectangles with zig zags connecting. We have put
them into plastic box frames - they really look good.

This month's Southern Living magazine has an article about art sessions
in the home. (It may even be for an 'art' party) It is more for using a
still life, watercolors and so on. Suggestions on quick displays before
taking them home...
Good luck,
Ellen Sears
Anchorage, KY.

>From: SteBruPhil
>Sent: Thursday, August 7, 1997 8:09 AM
>To: artsednet
>Subject: Art Birthday Parties
>Does anyone out there do children's art parties?
>I am relocating to New Jersey after having taught elementary art for a long
>time here in Mass. in the public schools. I will be making a go of giving
>art classes in my home and I was just asked to do a birthday party for 20
>first grade girls in September. If it goes well, I will probably be asked to
>do other art parties which would be great for earning extra money.
>I would love to hear from you some ideas, tips, suggestions. I have a number
>of ideas for these first graders from projects I've done at school, but keep
>thinking they are not "fancy" enough for a party.
>If you know of any sure-fire, fun, projects that would go over well with a
>bunch of 5 and 6 year olds, not too messy (mother's request), probably some
>sort of collage, construction, puppet, PLEASE pass them along to me.
>Thanks in advance. My email is: SteBruPhil :-)
> Shelley

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