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Kenneth L. Poos (klpoos)
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 19:51:05 -0700

Kay, I would really appreciate a copy of your Art Progress Rating Guide.
Our district is trying to work on art assessment tools this year and its
really difficult.
Ticia, this is probably too late but here are some questions that I use
when the children are looking at new art work.
Look at the artwork for one minute. Write down 10 things you remember
seeing in the artwork.
Tell how the artwork makes you feel. Write at least 3 sentences.
Make a list of words that describe the artwork. Words that tell its
color,shape,lines, texture, subject matter.
Write 3 questions that you would ask the artist about the artwork if he
or she were in the room right now.
Write down the names of 10 colors that you see in the artwork.
Describe how you think the artwork was made. What the process the artist
Write a poem about the artwork.
Invent a new name for the artwork.
Tell if you like tha artwork or not. On a scale of 1 to 10, where would
you rate it?
When I teach my 4th grade students contour drawing they always seem to
keep looking down at their drawings so I make them start by doing blind
contour drawings. The students fold a sheet of cardboard in half to fit
over their hand. We put a hole in it for the pencil to fit inside and
this way they can't see what they are drawing until they are finished.
This works great.
I am new here. Hi everyone. I'm an elementary art teacher in Cahokia
Dist.#187 , Cahokia, Illinois. I've been there for 27 years this year.
I've really enjoyed reading this mail but have been real busy this week
with the children to write until now.
The scratch board recipe I use with the children is to have them color
heavy with crayon on the tagboard. Add liquid dishwashing soap to the
black tempera so it adheres to the paper. Let dry then scrath into the
paint. We tried using flour, then talc which was too messy in the
classroom. Unlike some of you I do not have an art room. I travel
from class to class with a cart, sometimes two carts. I teach about 900
students every week with 30 classes. Upper grades 4,5,and 6th grades have
45 min, for art. Lower grades 1,2,and 3rd have only 35 min. which of
course is not enough time.
Discipline in a room that is not mine is sometimes hard. Explaining
rules in the beginning helps and having them write the rules in their
notebooks helps too. If rules are broken they write the rules, and of
course I have my own detention during my lunch recess. Usually they get
the idea of following rules in art class too.
I hope I helped someone tonight. Hope to hear from some of you soon.
Sandy Poos