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Carolyn Roberts (b2w6w4kn)
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 20:08:03 -0400

Bunki, try checking out:


Carolyn Roberts
E. B. Frink Middle School
10 Springwood Land
Kinston NC 28504

>Help! Anyone who's listenin'!! My principal is on the "diversity" warpath
>this fall and is asking everyone to push it with a vengeance this year.
>Before he tackles me in the hallways, I desparately need any ideas,
>suggestions, ANYTHING in the way of projects for my middle school art
>classes...6,7,8th grades. I do a little already but I'm sure certainly not
>enough to satisfy his new cravings. I would be very, very, VERY
>appreciative of anything! He wants to put emphasis on:
> Sept......Hispanic Heritage
> Nov.......Native American
> Feb.......African-American History
> Mar.......Women's History
> May.......Asian Pacific
>Thanks, Bunki
>Bunki Kramer
>Los Cerros Middle School
>968 Blemer Road
>Danville, California 94526