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Re: questions

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Margaret Grosspietsch (Margaret.M.Grosspietsch-1)
Sun, 25 Aug 96 20:11:25 -0500

Brian wrote:
> Ticia,
> I know it's a lot to ask, but you have gotten so many great responses,
> would it be possable for you to post a compiled list of questions for all of
> us who didn't copy each and every one?

Brian, I don't know if Ticia replied to you individually or not, but I compiled
all of the questions sent so far in response to Ticia's post regarding questions
to ask when looking at a piece of artwork for the first time.... it's a long
list, and I did not weed out duplicates (sorry)--perhaps others wanted this info
so I'm sending the list I gathered to the whole group. Here it is:

Who is the artist?
Where is the artist from?
What mwdium was used to create this piece?
In what style is this piece created?
What do I see.... description only
How do i feel when I look at this artwork?--Why?
What is my opinion?--Why?
How do I evaluate this?
Where can I learn more about this artwork/artist/style?
How can I use what I learned in my own art?
Why did the artist do that?
What do you see?
Describe what's happening?
Subject matter?
How does this work of art make you feel?
Describe visual elements that you see...shapes, colors, lines (thick, thin,
curvy, etc), textures, etc.
What do you think the artist was trying to say?
What do I like about this art work?
What does this art work remind me of?
What kind of message or meaning does the work express?
What is my favorite color, shape or line in the artwork?
What story might you invent to go along with this artwork?
If I could go inside the (painting, drawing, etc.) where would I go and how
would it feel.
How much time did it take to make this artwork?
How carefully is the artwork crafted?
Where do you suppose the artist got his/her idea for the artwork?
What is this work of art made of? Why do you think so?
If you were going to make a work of art like this one, how would you do it?
How do you think the artist made this work of art?--Why do you think so?
Why do you think the artist made it?--What things in the work make you think so?
If you could choose one of the works of art you see here to take home, which one
would you choose?--Why?
Where in your home would you put the work of art you chose? Why?
What do you think that they are doing?
What do you think that the artist was thinking about when he/she created this
piece of art?
Does this piece of art remind you about something in your own life?
Do you see any repeating patterns, shapes or colors?--Why do you think the
artist used them?
How long ago do you think that this was made?
What can you tell about how this person (if a portrait) lived?
instead of: "What medium was used to create this piece?" you could ask "Is this
a painting, a photograph or a sculpture?--why?"
Do you like this--Why?
What mood or feeling does the art work portray?
What was going on in the artist's world at the time of the work?
Why would a museum choose this work for their collection?
What relevance does this work hold for future viewers?
Would the impact of this work be less or more depending on location?
Do you need more info about the artist to understand the intent?
How would you address the meaning using the same media?
Compare your first impressions with the way you currently view this work after
learning more about the work?
Convince a panel of museum board members to purchase this work

Jot down the first word that comes to mind when you look at this artwork
(students can be provided with small slips of paper)? Collect the slips of
paper and ask students to listen carefully as you read the words. ask them to
listen for many similar words, and/or for opposites. Identify these similarities
and differences. Then ask, what do you see in the artwork that might bring out
this response. Have students arrange the slips of paper as a "poem". What
meaning is suggested? Rearrange the words, and continue discussion.

Just a suggestion....How about two works of art ...them you could copare and
contrast....How are these works alike....different????? Could be well as the ones you have already incorporated.
Hope this compilation is useful to others on the listserv! Sorry that original
contributors have not been given credit here, but I for one have appreciated
your input! Thanks