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critiques at elementary level

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Sun, 25 Aug 1996 11:51:38 -0400

I'm sorry but I've deleted your original inquiry, so will contact you through
the list.
In both our elementary and middle level art classes, we use a critiquing
method borrowed from the language arts people called PQP. This stands for
praise, question, propose. During the praise section, students are asked to
praise the work being considered, being as specific as possible (saying "it's
good" or "I like it" isn't specific enough, and i just keep asking questions
until the student really says what their original comment is based on.) The
question part may include questions about why certain choices were made,
about content or meaning, about how something was done, etc. The propose part
offers the artist suggestions. In this portion, the student says, "If this
were my work, I would.....", leaving the choice of whether or not to use the
suggestion up to the artist.
We teach this method to the whole group by using just a few examples. I have
found it most effective done while the works are in progress or when the
first few students declare "I'm done!" The questions often include one about
"Do you think you are finished?" and the proposals often cause the sudent who
thinks he is finished to re-evaluate that decision. Once the kids have
practiced this in a large group, it is easy to have them exchange works and
write responses to each other, or use PQP in a table group of 4 or in
Hope this helps!

Marcia Thompson
West Salem Middle School
West Salem, WI (near the wonderful Mississippi River in the Coulee Region)