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Papier Mache

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Kathleen McCrea (kwmccrea)
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 22:23:49 -0500

Hi Bunki and other Papier Mache Fans,

I've experimented in the past with Screamer--have the book, too.
Please give us your tips.
I've done lots with papier mache; I know some people think it's
old, boring, and trite, but I've done an annual holiday (Christmas) project
in conjunction with the Wichita Art Museum in which I used papier mache which
my high school kids love. Several thousand people attend this event; it
includes exhibits by schools, individual artists, businesses, and civic
I love the concept of making art history memorable, so with my kids,
we pick a famous work of art. In the past we have chosen Rousseau's "The
Jungle", Van Gogh's "Starry Night", Edward Hicks "Peaceable Kingdom",
Salvador Dali's "Persistence of Memory", and Keith Haring (we had talked
about graffiti, and later they all were excited when they recognized Honda
using Haring's imagery). The students in Drawing and Painting revised one of
these works and painted an 8' x 12' triptych based on their chosen famous
work. Introduction to Art students made ornaments from papier mache for the
tree which sit in front of the triptych. We've made parrots, lions, lambs,
ants, "radiant babies"-Haring, stars, moons, etc. We've also made very large
papier mache animals to place on the floor under the tree. The kids have
loved this project.
Any suggestions for famous works for this year? I may encourage
something Gothic or something based on Chagall.
For large papier mache animals use an interior structure of foam
core, regular cardboard for smaller projects; it's light weight and sturdy.
Make patterns with male/female slots, then cut out of foam core, slide pieces
together, then hot glue parts together. Stuff basic skeletal shape with
wadded up newspaper, masking tape it together (takes lots of tape for big
objects). Papier mache with wallpaper paste and newspaper. Gessp the whole
thing--white house paint for big stuff. Paint with acrylics. Use Future
Acrylic (floor wax) from the grocery for shiny surfaces--the best cheap
source for clear acrylic. Also, did you know you can clean up brushes
with dried acrylic paint with Windex--soak brushes for a day or two if
they're really bad. Buy eyes from craft stores for animals; the kids love
the effect. Sheep wool=mop string, lion's manes=strips of felt with yarn
sewn on, hot glue it to the body, unravel like for pom-pons. Etc...
Kay McCrea
South High
Wichita, Kansas