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Bunki Kramer (
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 09:19:53 -0700

(I'm putting this to the group because I thought someone else might be

Hi, Christy.....I actually stumbled into this course because I was given a
WAC course (Wood-Art-Craft) that the woodshop teacher had designed. Due to
scheduling, I wound up with the course WHILE he was teaching woodshop at
the same time so the "wood" part was a goner. The class consisted of 36
8th grade boys who weren't interested in doing pretty pictures or crafts so
we did a little drafting drawing while I busily delved into my "bag of
tricks" and found a book I had bought called THE SCREAMER (witten by a 6th
grade math teacher). At the moment it's at school so I can't give you the
author but you can order it from several art catalogs (I know NASCO has it
for about $15). They sounded interested in trying it so we gave it a shot.

It's a long, involved project which takes the entire semester (48 minute
class a day). I intermingle it, during drying times, with short videos I
taped from the Discovery Channel called MOVIE MAGIC about how special
effects are made for TV and movies. It's an ongoing series that's still
going. I also show the movie JARASSIC PARK and I break down scenes and tell
them how they were done.

The project itself is making a monster about 4' high like the models Lucas
used for STARWARS. I had a chance to see his models at a museum in San
Francisco and noticed it looked like he used the gluegun for watering of
the eyes and drool.
The book shows you each step. You start with 10 wire hangers for body
construction and use flour and water for the paper mache (we use about 700
lbs. of flour per class and I buy it by the 50 lb. bag at Costco). The book
then uses bed sheet strips and a white glue-water mix for the final cover
but I found it a real mess because the strings from strips kept clogging up
the sink. We started using a layer of plaster gauze which works great. It
can be really expensive but I found a hospital-supply-ordering lady who
orders for a local hospital and she just orders for me at the same time she
orders for her hospital. Just call can find someone to order
for you. Eyeballs and teeth are celluclay. At end, we spray them with
AQUALITE (a water-based enamel) on large cheap tarps outside. The kids buy
their own spray colors and I had one hardware store cut the price just for
my class since so many kids buy! I provide the red for the mouth. We finish
up with students writing a term paper about their, where it
lives, family, what it eats, how old it is, what type environment it lives
in, school, work, play, etc. They don't mind this because it's all fantasy!

Needless to say, this class is very popular and we always have a long
waiting list because I just don't want to do it more than once a year. It
takes quite a bit of storage while working on it. Because it has a waiting
list, it cuts down on discipline problems because the kids know they can be
replaced easily (hee, hee!). Usually get mostly 7th, 8th grade gentlemen
but occasionally I get a few ladies. The charge is $20 for the semester
for each student and that covers everything. I have no trouble getting the
fee (oops, can't say that word) or "reimbursement". Need at least 5-6
wirecutters. Spraypaint works best..takes too much tempera to paint by
brush. If you're interested, I can give you lots of tips I learned by
experience. Cya.....Bunki

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Road
Danville, California 94526