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Stenger - Judith DiSalvo (jstenger)
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 14:32:07 -0400 (EDT)

Your points are well taken. We are at far greater risk than our students
because of our prolonged exposure to materials. It really is frustrating
to have to find safer substitutes, and nothing is without any risk at all.
Much has changed in our choices of materials since I started teaching 30
years ago. I know artists whose cancers were likely promoted or at least
hastened by solvents and pigments, dust or fibers (and some, I suspect
who sustained brain damage from lead white). If I can minimize my
exposure, and my students', I intend to.
I really appreciate your rational approach.

Mon, 19 Aug 1996 mamjam wrote:

> I admit I often laugh when faced with fear. And I make flippant jokes
> about the health and welfare of children. However, I know safety IS
> important. Not only for teachers who are exposed to the hazardous
> materials routinely, but also for the students who are without defense.
> The students trust us to present materials and methods that are safe for
> them to use. Who knows what will happen 20 years from now because of
> exposure to some seemingly innocent material today, that will later be
> tagged as hazardous? We owe it to them to avoid the items we KNOW are
> hazardous. We are legally and ethically bound to keep abreast of the
> developments and do our best to protect them from unsafe materials. But
> sometimes the new discoveries about hazards can be frustrating. Lets keep
> an open mind, and work creatively to figure out how to side step the
> dangers and provide safe methods and materials. The problem is we get so
> tied up in our fear of lawsuits that we end up throwing out the baby with
> the bathwater. Besides, many of the products say stuff like "Known to
> cause cancer in California." I, for one, am glad I don't live in
> California!
> Be careful, Bunki!
> Mark