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Re: questions

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KPRS (kprs)
Sat, 17 Aug 1996 19:40:16 -0700

Mcracker wrote:
> Hello!
> School is looming as our year begins on Monday. In my middle school classes,
> we usually begin the day with a "question of the day" and a vocab word to be
> answered and defined by the kids in their sketcbook journals. The question is
> usually (but not always) related to art and sometimes directly related to the
> project we're working on. Some examples would be:
> List as many different kinds of jobs that you can think of that artists might
> do.
> Where would you go to find art in LaCrosse?
> What is the most important character trait for an artist to have?
> Why have many people drawn or painted self portraits?
> What do we do in our culture to make ourselves more beautiful or attrctive?
> Anyway, you probably get the drift. Lots of times these questions deal with
> aesthetic concerns or with art criticism, in which case I might ask about a
> work in progress that is displayed on the board. Sometimes we discuss their
> answers, other times I respond in writing as I review their journals. My
> question to you -- can you think of other interesting questions to ask kids?
> I am sure that many minds would be far richer than just mine! Thanks in
> advance for your ideas. The recent sculpure ideas were terrific!
> Marcia Thompson
> Middle School Art Teacher
> West Salem, WI

My favorite questions to ask include:

1. How does an artist know when they are finished with the work?

2. What makes you happier, having your work hanging out where other
people can see it, or making a piece of art work that you really like and
keeping it all to yourself? Why?

3. Is art a group sport?

4. Art is........

5. From the moment you get up until you go to bed, you will be influenced
by something that has been designed by a designer. List as many of these
influences as possible. (for example the print on your sheets was
designed by a textile designer, the nightstand by a furniture designer,
the clock radio,,,etc.)

6. If money is no problem, how would you make this art room better? Now,
realistically, with a tight budget, how would you make this art room

San D