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Sculpture ideas (long)

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Sears, Ellen (
Thu, 15 Aug 96 11:56:46 PDT

I have done these with 8th graders - but everything is adaptable on some
level, right?

After studying Frank Stella, we used his sculptures as an inspiration. After
several adjustments, we ended up using acrylic paint on watercolor paper.
The combination of the two make it possible to mold, bend and shape the
pieces. If students were having a hard time starting - we came up with
several ideas. Each child was given a 9 x 12 sheet of watercolor paper.
(They practiced shapes on newsprint first.)
Shapes could be - all geometric, one organic (or the other way around);

Connected by an attribute (one jagged side...);
All one geometric, one different...
They could use one color family, different patterns, different textures...
They mounted them on scrap mat board, using pieces of dowel rods to lift some
off the page. As I said, they could curl, fold, bend...

Paper sculpture - we start with one sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" xerox paper. They
are only given scissors, and told to create a sculpture. The only condition
is that they can't have any scraps, the whole paper muxt be used. This way
they investigate the ways to manipulate the paper (cut, fold, twist,
curl...) Some will come up with ways to create tabs etc., for joining.
After looking at everyone elses, we talk about what makes a sculpture,
limitations of the material, what they did... the next day they are given
heavier paper, glue... we end up with some great sculptures in the round.
I usually stick to white paper - but they can add color too.

I've had doctors donate plaster guaze to the art room, we used wire for the
armatures, (we usually make figures), they can use aluminum foil to build up
areas where needed. Cover with gauze.

Wood scraps in empty cigar boxes (donated by the smoke shop) for Nevelson-
like sculptures. (Painted white, black or gold)

Found object reliefs, painted either white or black. (White ones are good for
value drawings)

Calder mobiles - still working on the materials - but good for studying

Plans or drawings for an 'Oldenburg' sculpture. I use this with my math
classes too.

Doodle sculptures - One and two handed 'doodles' actually very simple lines.
we use strips of poster board, needles and thread to create hanging 'lines'.

Wire sculptures (we use the black wire too.)

Plaster reliefs, casted from modeling clay. Painted with watercolors.

sound sculptures - interactive, this was fun and I've seen some good thing
(one girl had dried leaves that you played with a twig - interesting soud)

Guess who's coming to dinner - create a 'meal' to describe a historical
event, person, fictional character... One girl had dinner for Poe. She
made a placemat and silverware (raven clawed fork...) to go with the 'meal.'

If I didn't give enough information about something that may look
interesting, let me know.

Ellen Sears
Anchorage, KY