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Re: Sculpture ideas

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Brian Foster (fozzie)
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 11:13:23 -0400

Sorry if this is a second post I'm not sure first was addressed correctly>
Christy wrote:
> Does anyone have any successful sculpture ideas geared toward 9-12 that
>can be made on a very limited budget?

> I have an excellent one----no two----3?

First, if you have access to a factory that does-did castings
they throw them away when used the material is called sandcore and
can be made into very professional sculptures just using simple tools such
as butter knoves and old files dull saws etc it is bulky but can be stored
outside under cover(tarp) I got parent w/pickup to get it for me. You get
sand all over but it sweeps up easily.

Tie wire (for re-rod) from building supply makes great wire sculptures
and armatures for plaster - dirty black stuff bends easier than shiny stuff-
animals (real and imaginary) are good subjects for this in 9-10 ----you or
shop teacher can cut you a ton of various size wood bases from 6"x6" to
bigger (squares and rectangles from scrap wood) wire figures can be screwed
- (through tight loop in wire -needle nose plyers can be gotten from "dollor
store" and are just fine for this project. I do action figures with older
kids and try to have them achieve a feeling of movement-action-balence
this follows figure drawing unit w/ gesture drawings

Those sets of pre-made plaster bandages are nice-but expensive for making
Instead cut good quality cheesecloth into assorted strips and dip in wet
plaster of paris for similart effect--add 1 teaspoon of suger to plaster mix
to slow setting time

Flour water and salt make a great clay that can be baked in oven and sealed
or varnished for periminent sculpture if you don't have a kiln

Ask your shop teacher or a company nearby that makes woodcraft items to
save scrap in a box for you---- students can be great problem solvers gluing
the various shapes together to form a .....whatever good with cubism

materials and tools for full classload!